Who founded Al-Aman Fund?

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah initiated Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans in 2003 and it was institutionalized in 2006 as a non-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan under the name of Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans under the national number 2006011100019, And is aimed at providing education to Boarding orphans who have resided in Orphan Care Centers for part of, or all their childhood, and Non-boarding orphans supported by Orphan Support Organization who live in poverty with guardian or an immediate relative.

What is the percentage of the administrative cost deducted from donations?

All donations go directly towards the different support schemes the Fund provides to its orphans, the administrative costs are directly covered from separate donations for this purpose.

How the Fund is financially supported?

Al-Aman Fund secures its funds from International grants, local donations from Individuals and corporate.

How can I assure that donations are reaching needy orphans?

Al-Aman Fund maintains a standard level of best practice by providing the donor with the orphan educational achievements and grades every semester also by updating the donors with the orphans' situations.

Can I see the supported orphans?

Al-Aman fund supports the orphaned youth between the ages 18 to 21, as we all know this age is sensitive, therefore and for emotional concerns, we usually avoid face to face communication as it might be sometimes embarrassing for them.

Some cases might be possible depending on the situation, such as orphans supported financially by organizations that also provide training and internships.

What kind of support does Al-Aman Fund offer its beneficiaries?

The Fund's support its beneficiaries essential needs through providing them with five different Support Schemes depending on the evaluation of each individual case.

Beneficiaries are offered a combination of these Support Schemes.

  • Educational Scholarships
  • Living Expenses
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Internship & Employment
  • Medical Insurance

Does Al-Aman Fund have specialized social workers that provide counseling to its beneficiaries?

The Fund operates through social counselors who instruct and guide orphaned students by providing the following counseling services:

  • Academic Counseling: communication with beneficiaries who graduated from Orphan Care Centers in order to motivate them to determine their future goals
  • Psychological Counseling: provide psychological support to beneficiaries after graduating from Orphan Care Centers in order to integrate them within the community

How will my donations be collected when calling the Direct Donations number (06-5330500)?

A representative of Al-Aman Fund will come to your destination of choice (within Jordan) at a time suitable to you and collect your donations through your preferred method of payment.

How can one donate from outside Jordan?

Donations from outside Jordan can be made by transferring your contribution to Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans account in Central Bank of at IBAN JO37CBJO0010000000000131000552

What about orphans under the age of 18?

Counseling is given by social workers to orphans under the age of 18 residing in Orphan Care Centers to raise their awareness of Al-Aman Fund and its operations and the opportunities available to them after graduating from Care Centers.

These orphans are eligible to apply to Al-Aman Fund once they reach the age of 18 in order to continue their education and receive the support they need to prosper in their future careers; moreover the Fund organizes non curricular activities in the forms of camps and life skills workshops. The Fund organizes early intervention programs.

How many orphans are benefiting from the Fund?

More than 2603 orphans benefited from Al Aman Fund; of which 1562 students graduated and were engaged in the practical process of life.

The number of orphans who are currently studying reached more than 654 students, of whom 593 were enrolled in universities, 40 are completing their diploma level, and 21 enrolled in the vocational training program. It is also important to note that the total number of poverty pockets beneficiaries reached 694 students. Number of boarding students is 115 orphaned students. Number of non boarding students is 539 orphaned students.

Where does the Fund's orphan live?

Female beneficiaries reside at colleges' or universities' dorms while male beneficiaries live in a furnished apartment provided by the Fund where every 4 orphans could live together.

Does the Fund support the poverty pocket areas?

The Fund's services have successfully covered all the kingdom's governorates to reach the poverty pocket areas extent where the total number of students from poverty pocket areas in Jordan has reached 694.